The Event

Muster Point - With the help and support of Southwark Council and the Friends of Southwark Park in Bermondsey, we will all muster in Southwark Park, which is located on the Jamaica Road Bermondsey, congregating in your colour groups around the Bandstand. Then we will walk you out of the Park and through the crowds - WE DO EXPECT PLENTY OF HIGH FIVING AND APPLAUSE WITH COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CHEERING ETC !!!!!! and then up into the holding area adjacent to the Start in Brunel Road. For the Wheelchairs the Start will be at 09:30 Hrs and they will be followed directly by the Assisted Runners. 10:00Hrs will be the Elite Athletes and then followed by the Club Runners and so on until the last entrants leave and then we want anyone thats left to make their way to the gates tidying as they go because we want them to then make their way to the party - whether they walk, bus or train they'll be there to join in as we do things now as a family.........
From the Start the run will initially head West along Brunel Road and then turn left onto the Jamaica Road roundabout and then in through the entrance of the Rotherhithe Tunnel, which with Huge thanks to Tfl (Transport for London) has been closed for us to make our way from South to North and under the River Thames in the same way that Stephen Siller made his way through the Battery Tunnel. Be warned it'll get warm and it will feel closed in but keeping watching for the daylight - trust us you'll get there you have too!!!!!!
Once through the tunnel we'll be waiting for you with a warm Tower Hamlets welcome, we somehow believe you may hear something of that welcome as you emerge from the tunnel. we are now in the Borough of Tower Hamlets who have given us so much support and assistance to make this day happen. now you will be able to grab yourself a cup of cool fresh water so you may re-hydrate yourself - with care and the thanks from Thames Water. At this point you will experience a hairpin Water station a drink on the way up and then have another to help you for the rest of the journey. We have tried to minimise any waste her so we are using cups so that water isn't wasted and also don't want to leave plastic bottles for anyone to slip or trip on let alone leave reminders for the local residents. So drink up and be ready for the next stages......... 1/3 of the way gone.....
Now we'll be going along Narrow Street and past Gordon Ramsey's restaurant 'The Narrow' which has a lovely seated are and conservatory overlooking the Thames. We will be turning right and going past the Sure Start Centre and then coming back onto the Limehouse Causeway
You will now be turning right into West Ferry Road and heading towards the West Ferry Circus - welcome to the Isle of Dogs, History tells us that this was named this because Henry the VIII used this are to keep his hunting dogs. However it is now the site of a financial area of London's Canary Wharf, we will be turning left and then right at the Cannon Factory where we will now cross a small area of cobbles leading us to the North Quay at West India Docks, now a splendid area and one with many bars and cafés
Now where life becomes interesting and we have a few challenges ahead, we will take to the pavement here and run alongside the main Aspen Way, however just as Stephen overcame many obstacles so will we - there are areas that are very narrow and will be restrictive in places........ be careful and stay strong because we're nearly there......
Now we'll cross Upper Bank Street and enter through a set of gates into the very last stage of our run - with a warm welcome for you and our massive thanks to the Corporation of the City of London and Billingsgate Market, they have not only allowed our finish line to be here in the shadow of the Towers but they have also hosted us for our street party, our celebration for everyone who has made the journey or just come to welcome you in. We will be here for a few hours with music and food. There is a good possibility that the Market will be open so a great chance to experience the market and buy some fresh fish. Our huge thanks to Billingsgate Market for hosting us and making this possible.

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